Franci Bio extra virgin olive oil
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Made of 100% Tuscan olives
This oil delights us because it can highlight the peculiarities of all cultivars it's made of. The aromas and scents of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties alternate harmoniously up to the predominance of the Olivastra Seggianese, which takes us to the slopes of Monte Amiata to breathe ample herbaceous and balsamic notes.

It has an intense golden yellow colour with greenish nuances; it is limpid; its smell is broad and enveloping, with rich vegetal hints of artichoke, chicory and field thistle, surrounded by balsamic notes of rosemary and mint. Elegant and unusual in the mouth, it has subtle hints of lettuce, black pepper and a clear hint of almond at the end—powerful bitter and robust spicy.

It perfectly goes together with bean appetizers, salmon carpaccio, tomato salads, amberjack marinades, legume soups, risotto with artichokes, molluscs au gratin, grilled cuttlefish, baked rabbit, roast poultry, goat cheeses.


Harvest 2019
Regional Selection PDO and PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oils 2020 - Selection Bio-Franci Bio

Harvest 2018
- Category 'Fruttato Medio', Franci Bio, XXIII National Review-Tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Organic product - Legambiente 2019 National Competition
- Extragold Medal, Franci Bio Italiano, Biol Prize 2019
- Gold Medal, Franci Bio Italiano, Evo IOOC International Olive Oil Competition 2019
- Leone d'Oro - Franci Bio Italiano - Leone d'Oro 2019

Harvest 2017
- Gold Medal 2017 - BIO - Monocultivar Frantoio - Franci Bio - "MONOCULTIVAR OLIVE OIL" International Competition 2018
- Gold Medal - Category 'Organic' - Franci Bio - Sirena d'Oro National Competition 2018
- Gold Medal, Franci Bio - International Competition "BIOL" 2018
- Regional Selection PDO and PGI extra virgin olive oils - Special Mention "Bio Selection" Franci Bio Toscano Igp, 2018
- Gold Medal - Franci Bio - Domina International Olive Oil Contest 2018
- Best International Award - Northern Hemisphere - Franci Bio - Domina International Olive Oil Contest 2018
- 1st Prize: Category 'Fruttato Intenso', Franci Bio, XXII National Review-Tasting of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Legambiente 2018 National Competition
Frantoio Franci
The Oil mill Franci was founded in the 1950s on the hill of Montenero d'Orcia, in a small village rising over the landscape of Val d'Orcia from the slopes of the Amiata, when the brothers Franco and Fernando Franci bought a historic olive grove called Villa Magra and restored an ancient barn to make an oil mill.

The year 1995 represents an essential stage in the history of the company because it marked the beginning of the collaboration between Fernando and his son Giorgio, which has added a charge of enthusiasm and resourcefulness to the father's experience. The main objective was to make an extra virgin olive oil known far beyond the place of its production. However, it was immediately apparent that direct sales practised back then could not let the goal come true and guarantee the desired future for the mill. Thus, a complicated situation has emerged:

"We weren't known, our size and our structure did not allow us to compete with the prices of large bottlers. Moreover, the production experience did not find continuity in the commercial field. Therefore we have chosen the strategy based on quality, the only one that was stimulating and feasible, an absolute quality, searched and found without compromise".

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