Traditional balsamic vinegar Aragosta

It is the most "vinegarish" of the three traditional balsamic. The delicate aroma and pleasantly intense acidity make it perfect for carpaccio, pinzimonio and marinades. It can be used hot to flavor meat and fish at the end of cooking, as well as in sauces and dressing.

Traditional balsamic vinegar Argento

It is a gustative treasure trove, that should be discovered and savored drop by drop, strictly in a raw state. The particular persistence of the taste makes it a perfect elixir to be taken at the end of a meal. At the same time, its extraordinary organoleptic richness creates an amazing and memorable combination with cheeses and desserts.

Traditional balsamic vinegar Oro

This product was marked with the label Bollino Argento. Usually, it is aged for over 6-7 years. As compared to Bollino Aragosta, it acquires a higher concentration, which reduces the perception of acidity and gives a complex and pleasantly sweet and sour taste. This makes it ideal for consumption both, in a raw state and with almost all first and second courses.
Acetaia Picci
Vinegar factory Picci rises in a 17th-century courtyard in Cavriago, near Reggio Emilia.

It is a place of an extraordinary charm that is enough to visit once to be conquered by an environment full of history, where you can still breathe the intense and delicious aromas of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia.

In the vinegar cellar, all the rules of tradition are followed so to obtain an excellent product, starting with the presence of the attic, which allows the necessary thermal amplitude, up to the arrangement of a series of decreasing volume barrels (usually 5-6-8) called 'batteria', made of various precious wood species, all with particular and indispensable characteristics:

CHESTNUT gives a refined aroma, sweet and delicate.
MULBERRY allows the rapid concentration of the product, thanks to the porousness of the wood.
JUNIPER gives an exceptional aromatic note, marked and intense.

The arrangement of the woods is decided by Picci, based on the product he wants to obtain. Picci personally takes care of the production by choosing the grapes for the must, strictly Trebbiano and Spergola, ripened in the Reggio hills; check that the squeezing is soft and light; presides over the slow cooking of the must, helps to direct heat at a low temperature (70 ° C) for over 50 hours; he deals with the delicate phase of launching and preparation of the barrels, with the placement of the cooked must and colonies of acetobacteria selected by him, with the placement of new bacteria and reinforcing old ones, whose age reaches 80 years.

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